Brand/Business Challenge

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Traub Role

TRAUB was initially engaged by APG to develop an international wholesale business. TRAUB helped to:

  • identify best-in-class international doors
  • introduce the Company to executives at leading department stores
  • develop collateral materials
  • secure wholesale and shop-in-shop partnerships in leading global department stores

Following the high demand for the brands in international markets,  APG subsequently engaged TRAUB to implement a Middle East retail store roll out. In this role, TRAUB ran the RFP process for regional operating partners, solicited interest and negotiated with regional partners for the three APG brands and advised on the final negotiation and selection of a regional operator.


During a five year partnership with TRAUB, APG launched a substantial international business, reaching 10 international retail doors, 753 international wholesale doors and 22 directly operated department store shop-in-shops. Today, Adrianna Papell, Aidan Mattox and Hailey Logan are distributed across 4 continents in 21 countries. Adrianna Papell and Aidan Mattox also operate 10 stores globally, with Hailey Logan retail stores slated to open in the Middle East. APG is projected to generate an additional $20+ million in revenue across 22 new retail doors in the region by 2019.