Case Study: Rudsak

Traub Role

TRAUB was engaged to evaluate Rudsak’s current business operations in Canada across all brands and channels of distribution. Following on-site visits and extensive diligence on the design process, merchandising, production, finance, operations and organizational structure, TRAUB presented its findings to the executive management team and communicated recommendations for optimizing current business operations in preparation for international growth. TRAUB was engaged in a second phase to work alongside the Rudsak team to implement the recommendations and improve business functions.


The RUDSAK customer experience has been completely transformed, including the launch of a new website, new store designs, improved merchandising and focused product design. TRAUB helped develop a product-focused organizational structure for the design and merchandising teams. As a result of the work performed, RUDSAK was able to optimize inventory levels, SKUs and product offerings. In addition, the adjustments to store formats resulted in improved visual merchandising and store performance.