John Hudspeth

Operating Partner, TRAUB Capital

John Hudspeth is an Operating Partner of TRAUB Capital, the private equity investment group within TRAUB, responsible for sourcing proprietary investments in the consumer and retail sectors.

John has a very multifaceted Consumer-Packaged Goods background of over 35 years in the business. He started with International Playtex and then moved on to enjoy a 20-year career at Unilever HPC in customer and brand development. He has been involved in private equity since 2004 when he was an integral part of a start-up formed from brands acquired from Unilever and Colgate-Palmolive. He developed, led, and executed many strategic initiatives in the development of the company. Most recently he has been a Partner of Horizon Group, a business development and marketing company.

John received a BS degree from Michigan State University.

John is a true Michigander and loves being in the “Mitten State” when not residing with his wife in the Chicago area. Being on a hill; golfing, skiing, hiking or biking is a terrific way to enjoy a day with family and friends along with having some extra protection from our two 5 lb. Maltese guard dogs.